Digg Dialogg with President Bill Clinton

With Earth Day fast approaching, Digg today announced its latest Digg Dialogg guest: President Bill Clinton.

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This will be a special Earth Day Edition, where President Clinton will answer questions on the environment, Earth Day and how people can “Take Initiative” to address climate change.

But you only have 24 hours to ask your environmental questions. So, submit (and Digg) your Earth Day questions to Digg Dialogue. The former President will address the top ones in this exclusive interview airing on Earth Day, April 22.

President Clinton has long been involved in addressing global environmental challenges. During his administration, he worked against climate change, strengthened the Safe Drinking Water Act, adopted the toughest standards ever on soot and smog, and accelerated the cleanup of the nation’s worst toxic waste sites.

And this month the Clinton Foundation launched its “Take Initiative” Earth Day campaign, featuring an online Climate Quiz where you can test your knowledge of climate change and have $2 donated in your name toward 20,000 solar flashlights for displaced people in Haiti.

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