Bing Sponsors Explorer to Tweet From North Pole for Earth Day

Today, explorer Eric Larsen (@ELexplore) is due to reach the North Pole and will send the first ever tweet from there. Larsen has chronicled his triumphs and obstacles along the way, via Twitter, and his own blog, Save the Poles.

This is not the first time that mobile social media has been used to chronicle grand expeditions. Motorola sponsored Eric Baber to achieve the world record for making the highest ever phone call and send the highest ever MMS message.


As you can see from the photo above, Bing is a sponsor of Larsen’s Save the Poles expedition, which seeks to raise awareness of climate change. The expedition’s goal is to be the first man to reach the three poles of the world (South, North and summit of Mt. Everest) within one calendar year.

The catch is that, as the North pole is a moving ocean, you will not be able to see his movements on Google or Bing maps. However, you can follow his journey via his map blog, where makers have been placed for every stage of the expedition, from pitching the concept to setting off on an adventure.


  • Last Reported Position: 89 53.838’N | 46 30.049’W | 2010-04-22 05:50:04 GMT
  • Distance From Pole: 6 Nautical Miles

Get ready to congratulate him on Twitter when he reaches his destination later today.

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