38 Apps in the Google Analytics App Gallery

Google Analytics announced the launch of its Analytics Apps Gallery, offering 38 tools for marketers and SEMs to better gauge their campaign and site performances.


Feast of Data for Marketers & Agencies
As one might expect, the Analytics Apps Gallery is bursting with measurement tools for every step of the way, from content management to campaign management, email marketing, and phone call tracking.

Some SEO Too
As far as search engine optimization is concerned, there are two available apps:



Google *Hearts* Agencies XOXOXO
This comes on the back of a wider initiative from Google to open up some of it’s core products and woo big and small spenders alike with their new approach to working with agencies.

This approach has been met positively by our own Search Engine Watch experts, as Marc Poirier commented that Google Loves Agencies and the icing on the cake was the offer for preferred API pricing model.

The new Analytics Apps Gallery could be another way to woo agencies as apps are also a way for agencies to define their expertise, both in terms of creativity and choosing the right metrics to watch.

Bad News for SEM Geeks In The Bar
But maybe the most exciting featured apps in Google Analytics gallery are the mobile solutions, as the open Google Analytics API finally makes it possible for you to manage adwords and analytics accounts via iPhone OS and Android powered mobile devices.

Google also recently launched their own version of Regarding AdWords for mobile however, currently, it is “only available for accounts managed in US, UK or Australian English”.

Finally, if you can’t decide, simply go check out the Editor’s Picks.

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