Facebook Single Biggest Display Ads Publisher On The Web

Facebook has risen to the number one spot as single biggest display ads publisher on the web in the first quarter, ClickZ reported, according to data from market research firm comScore.

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Facebook carried 176.3 billion display ads on its website over the first quarter, translating into a 16.2% market share, as demand from both small and large advertisers grew in the first three months of the year, comScore was quoted as saying. Yahoo displayed 131.6 billion banner ads to its users, and Microsoft came in third at 60.2 billion.

However, the data excludes ads that Yahoo and Microsoft delivered to third-party web sites through their networks, a major source of revenue for each.

Longer dwell time drives pages uploads
According to comScore Chief Marketing Officer Linda Abraham, Facebook users spend more time on the social platform than on its competitors’ websites, and subsequently loaded more pages.

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