Curse You, New Logo!

Back on May 5, Google unveiled a “spring clean” of its logo and a “metamorphosis” of the look and feel of its search engine results pages. These changes have caused more than one search engine marketer to shake a fist and cry out, “Curse you, new logo!”

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As Liva Judic (@merrybubbles) with Jonathan Allen (@jc1000000) have already noted, the majority of users were forming a solid “I hate the new Google search page” camp, judging from the comments to our post.

But last Thursday, I encountered another victim of the new Google design at the International Search Summit it London. His name is Jon Myers (@jondmyers) and he is Head of Search/Associate Director at Mediavest.

Myers has worked in search marketing for 11 years. He has been actively involved with industry bodies such as SEMPO, IPA and the IAB as well as the SES Advisory Board. He is a regular presenter at industry search events. And he blogs at the Jon Myers Search Blog and is also blogging for Search Cowboys.

At the International Search Summit, Myers spoke about “Optimising Global Websites for Universal Search.” And like other industry veterans, he’d carefully crafted a customized PowerPoint presentation two weeks in advance of the event.

And then Google, like the Red Baron in World War I, flew by and riddled his Sopwith Camel with bullet holes. I can just imagine Myers — wearing goggles and a scarf trailing behind in the “wind” — shouting “Curse you, new logo!” accompanied by fist-shaking and a salute while his PowerPoint plummeted to earth trailing smoke.

But, like the World War I Flying Ace, Myers patched up his presentation, climbed back on top of his doghouse, and flew off to the International Search Summit for another dogfight.

Okay, so maybe I’ve embellished the story just a bit. But, it does sound more interesting than saying, “Google’s new look and feel forced Myers to update his slides.” Am I right?

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