Buzzzy Adds Location Tracking To Conversation Search Engine

Buzzzy, a Google Buzz only search engine, is now able to track location by way of the data sent when people update their statuses on social sites during an event.


With such information, it is possible

    • to find out who really is at an event vs says is at the event as the localization does not depend on an explicit “check-in”, unlike apps like Gowalla, FourSquare, Twitter, etc.


    • to streamline the amount of data received as the app only looks at those actually sent from a specific location


    • to optimize partnerships for events as potential sponsors will have a clear vision of where and when attendees go to such or such place (restaurants, lounges, hotels, etc), mapping the profitability curve for them


    • All this allows, in turn, to contextualize data from other streams and map user behaviour.


Implicit check-ins vs explicit check-ins? Is it more accurate or an invasion or privacy? In the past, we have found Buzzzy to be useful tool to track conversations in companies.

Google seems to approve as Buzzzy is built off publicly declared data. They were an official Google API launch partner at Google I/O this week. They even made a special page to celebrate.


Buzzy is developed by semantic search technology company WorkDigital, part owned by Incisive Media and the developers of TwitJobSearch.

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