“Get a Job Interview in 30 secs” via TwitJobSearch-Skype-Twitter Mashup

Speak of harnessing technology. TwitJobSearch has dramatically shortened the recruiting cycle thanks to its new app that links Skype to Twitter, enabling candidates to “Get a Job Interview in 30 secs”.

Are you looking for a job? Are you sitting in front of your computer, looking drab or lying in bed surfing web postings for your next gig? Watch out, spruce yourself up because you may get the interview for that job within the next minute, literally.

Twitter users only
Not on Twitter yet? Here’s another reason why you should be: TwitJobSearch may get you in direct contact with a recruiter and even land you a video job interview within the minute you spot the posting of your dreams.

How it works
TwitJobSearch indexes all jobs posted on Twitter, where “nearly 1 million unique job opportunities have been posted” in the last 30 days, making Twitter “the largest job board in the world,” the company said in a blog post.

The principle is straight forward, literally: sign into the platform through your Twitter profile. Then find a job ad on Twitter and connect directly to the recruiter by sending a custom message showing your interest and linking your profile with your Skype ID.

Test drive
I signed in and filled a profile with my LinkedIn profile URL and Skype ID. Then I looked through the categories on offer, as follow:


I searched all media and marketing/PR subcategories and in the end, I picked an ad:


Then I clicked on the Skype button to notify my application. Here’s what it looks like:


I logged into Skype, set my status on “Available”.
Then I waited. And waited. And waited. I’m still waiting, 3 hours on.

This tool is certainly theoretically amazing. But practically speaking, there are a few challenges.

For instance, TwitJobSearch has yet to convince recruiters to be reactive enough, or the promise of “Get a Job Interview in 30 secs” falls flat.

In terms of indexing jobs, I’ve noticed that there is still some sorting to do. For instance, under the “blogger” category, the posts were not jobs but random chatter from people who were mentioning the word “blog” or “blogger” in their tweets as you may see below.

TwitJobSearch_blogger chatter.JPG

So I’ve tweeted the company to ask them whether the job postings had to have the #jobs or #job hashtag to be picked up (wouldn’t be a bad idea at this point). Just a little over 3 hours later, I received a tweet in response telling me: “We use semantic analysis to separate jobs from non jobs. We don’t look at hashtags because there is too much spam”. I suggest you take a look at the “blogger” category, Sir.

Again, 3 hours for a tweet… is too slow… the whole attractiveness and point of Twitter is that it’s real-time…

And finally, there are some quite old ads up there in number one position at the top of the pages: whichever calculation system they use, the platform would look better if those ads were classified simply in recency order, as on Twitter.

If you’re currently looking for a job, would you give TwitJobSearch a try?
And as a recruiter, are you ready to use TwitJobSearch’s new functionality?

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