11 Hottest Search Marketing Expert Strategies Recap, This Week (May 17th)

It’s a Saturday and it’s probably a sunny spring day outside. Unless you are in Australia… oh no, wait, scratch that… no change there :)

Either way, Saturdays mean we have another offbeat contribution from someone outside of ‘the industry’ to share their thoughts on our industry.

And.. if you find yourself bored at a bus stop, stuck inside doing laundry, or just “gotta knuckle down” and earn some cash today because you are one of the wicked ones who gets no rest…

…then you might wanna checkout or recap on some of the hottest search marketing strategies in the industry this week:

Monday, May 17
Online Video Analytics: YouTube Insight – Advanced Techniques

Estimating Word-of-Mouth Activity from Search Query Data

Tues, May 18
SEO Link Building is Just Like Business Development

Tracking Search Habits: The Mephedrone Ban

Weds, May 19
The 10 Fundamental Laws of International Search Marketing
How to be a Social Media Medic
Can Facebook Drive Great Traffic to Websites?

Thurs, May 20
Powerful SEO Content: Understanding Breadth of Coverage
Image Ads in Search – Yep, They Help

Friday, May 21
Apple Buying Siri: Will Search Agents Replace Search Engines?

Why Google Wants to Eliminate Bidding In Exchange for You

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