Apple Tops Nasdaq – Steve Jobs Finally ‘Beats Out’ Bill Gates

This is huge. Literally. At the close of the stock market on Wednesday, Apple became the first company of the Nasdaq, meaning its value finally surpassed that of rival Microsoft.

Apple vs Microsoft
At the market close in New York, Apple’s capitalization stood at $222 billion, leaving behind Microsoft’s $219 billion. America’s highest market capitalization is Exxon Mobil’s, at $278.64 billion, now the only company to surpass Apple.

Analysts and industry players agree that Apple’s edge over Microsoft is its innovation and the portability of its devices. Apple’s Mac laptops, iPhones and iPads are sleek, light, powerful and adapted to a highly mobile lifestyle while Microsoft is still into ‘static’ products that users identify more with the last century.

Apple vs Google
Reporting on the historic turn, the New York Times noted that the race between Microsoft and Apple was however already history as Steve Jobs’ company now faces fierce competition from Google who just last week launched its Google TV, an area where Apple hasn’t set foot yet. At the moment, Google’s market capitalization stands at $151 billion.

Furthermore, the paper said “Google is steering consumers toward yet a new model of computing in which Internet applications, rather than iPhone or desktop applications, rule.”

As we reported, Google is also generating and sustaining business activity across the U.S. and that may well be its one of its primary strengths – at least in the eye of the general public.

How long do you think it’ll take Google to be on par or even surpass Apple’s capitalization?

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