Kenshoo Scales Up With Experian Hitwise, Demandware/NetSuite Deals, New Kenshoo CCO Offering

It looks like search engine marketing platform, Kenshoo is being very active lately, scaling up big time. It has entered partnerships with research firm Experian Hitwise as well as e-commerce platform providers Demandware and NetSuite. On top of it all, The Tel-Aviv based company also introduced a new service, Call Conversion Optimization (CCO), for local advertisers.

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Experian Hitwise Partnership for Kenshoo Search
First, Kenshoo is broadening the database for its Kenshoo Search keyword bid management system by integrating Experian Hitwise Search Intelligence’s, which spans a sample of 25 million web users.
The partnership aims at providing better word targeting for campaigns across multiple channels for Experian Hitwise clients located in the U.S., U.K. and Australia, the companies said in a joint press release.

Demandware/NetSuite Deal for Kenshoo RealTime Campaigns
Demandware_NetSutie.JPGKenshoo is also enriching the offering of its Kenshoo RealTime Campaigns by tying in Demandware and NetSuite technologies to integrate real-time inventory and marketing data to campaigns.
The double agreement aims at providing clients with the possibility to “automatically create and manage real-time SEM programs against dynamic inventory, merchandising and promotional changes,” Kenshoo said in a statement. “Changes within Demandware and NetSuite platforms ripple automatically to live search marketing campaigns via custom business rules, promotional text and keyword selection.”
With its new offer, the company touts a 40% ROI boost over regular campaigns through real-time advertising and better budget allocation.

Call Conversion Optimization for Kenshoo Local
Kenshoo local.JPGFinally, Kenshoo is also strengthening its position with local advertisers/SMBs with the launch of its Call Conversion Optimization service for Kenshoo Local.
Kenshoo CCO’s feedback system and technology directly give marketers and SMBs increased phone leads by linking the online PPC campaigns to the phone calls they generate, while “continuously optimizing keyword bids,” the company explained.

This should be a sought-after service as it innovates and streamlines the online-to-offline process for SMBs.

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