Yahoo Adds Facebook Link To Yahoo Answers

Yahoo is really pushing its connection with Facebook, as Liva Judic reported Monday, and now they have made a clever use with Yahoo Answers.

As their blog reports a “new Yahoo! Answers feature that will allow you to share your Answers content with your Facebook friends! This means your friends on Facebook can now help you answer your questions if you choose to share them”. A great way to take advantage of the huge popularity of social media – with any luck this widget could become the next Four Square.

Yahoo is hoping this becomes a new source of major traffic “Your Facebook friends can also join Yahoo! Answers and connect with our amazing community to have the many questions they have answered.”

After all Facebook is now the number two site for traffic, according to Alexa, with Google at one and YouTube at three – and Yahoo seating at four – when not that long ago it used to own the number one spot. This new partnership could create increased traffic for both sites.

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