Google Commerce Search 2.0 Means On-The-Fly Customization For Shoppers And Retailers Delight

A week to the day after releasing its new AdWords Analyze Competitors feature, Google is once again launching a new tool – Google Commerce Search 2.0., the newest version of its tailor-made search engine for retailers.

It was just six months ago when the first version of Google Commerce Search was launched and today’s 2.0 upgrade aims at satisfying both shoppers and retailers, with an array of enhanced features.

Happier Shoppers
For end-users – i.e. shoppers, you, me, them, everybody -, Google Commerce Search 2.0 offers improved user experience on the website. Improved user experience here means faster – “less than a second,” according to Google – and more relevant results. I suspect the search engine’s new indexing system, Caffeine, has something to do with such performance as its effects ripple across the company’s search offerings.
Improved user experience also means being able to browse around the website as well as going directly to a product. The browsing experience is further facilitated by Google Commerce Search 2.0’s addition of “spelling and stemming dictionaries and new custom synonym options to make shopping on a retail site as easy and accurate as searching on”
Auto-completion of queries, also just like on regular Google searches, will also make shoppers happier while providing retailers with the opportunity to offer common queries in real time.

Happier Retailers
For retailers, the main improvement of Google Commerce Search 2.0 is the increased capacity for customization, as the new version now gives them direct control over promotions, ranking rules and search customization… with the possibility to adjust optimization on the fly.
If shoppers can now browse, what it means for retailers is that prospective customers have the possibility to discover new products and see new categories. Potential for lead generation is thereby increased.
From a commercial point of view, Google has revised its pricing and thus made Google Commerce Search 2.0 accessible to a wider audience with an annual entry level price tag of $25K.

So far, Google Commerce Search 2.0 is only available in the U.S. and U.K. and the company gave no indication on their intention to roll it out elsewhere at the moment.

Here’s the video:

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