Search Engine Watch Labs Are New to SES San Francisco for Connected Marketing Week

One of the many new sessions at SES San Francisco, which will be part of Connected Marketing Week August 16-20, is a series of Search Engine Watch Labs. These intensive two-hour sessions expand upon the very popular SES site clinics.

Jonathan Allen Mike Grehan and Greg Jarboe at SES Toronto 2010.jpg
From left to right, Jonathan Allen, Mike Grehan and Greg Jarboe at the Black Hat/White Hat session at SES Toronto 2010.

With lab teams made up of Search Engine Watch experts and search engine engineers, each lab will delve into a different topic including video, mobile, PPC and SEO. In these workshop-style sessions, attendees will have an opportunity to share experiences with the panel as problems are discovered and solved.

Presented in a classroom setting these sessions will have a “roll up your sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty” style. Attendees will be encouraged to volunteer their websites to be deconstructed and reconstructed in front of the audience so that everyone can learn from both their own and other people’s examples.

These sessions are not for beginners. So you may wish to attend one of the primer sessions in advance.

At SES Toronto 2010, I interviewed Mike Grehan, VP and Global Content Director of Incisive Media, and Jonathan Allen, director of Search Engine Watch, about the new Search Engine Watch Labs. The interview was conducted during the Black Hat vs. White Hat unconferenced event — which explains why we are all wearing cowboy hats. (At SES San Francisco, we will be wearing lab coats. You can’t make this stuff up.)

A preview of Connected Marketing Week 2010

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