How to Speak Geek at SES Toronto 2010

One of the hottest sessions at SES Toronto 2010 was “Speaking Geek: How Marketers Can Work with Web Developers to Achieve Business Goals.”

We hear it all the time: an online marketer returns from an SES event brimming with new ideas and advertising tactics only to hit a wall when they present their plans to the developers responsible for implementing their ideas. It’s no secret that marketing and tech don’t often speak the same language and as a result projects are slowed or stalled, and millions of marketing dollars are wasted.

So how do you bridge the gap?

Tracy Falke of Freetyle Interactive interviewed Jonathan Allen, director of Search Engine Watch, after the session. According to Allen, marketers are focused on cash while IT is focused on detail.

In order for both departments to better work together, Allen said marketing departments should start out by looking at all of the traffic analytics and represent the data graphically, for example, using sporting themes such as football matches. He also recommended that marketers and IT use humor when collaborating.

Check out the video.

How to speak geek at SES Toronto 2010

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