WordStream’s Free Negative Keyword Tool Weeds Out The Unwanted To Boost Click-Through Rates

Wordstream, the SEO and PPC solutions provider, has just launched its Free Negative Keyword Tool – yes you did read free– designed for marketers to identify and remove irrelevant impressions and clicks. No, wait. That’s what it does but the tool is intended to help boost ROI by increasing click-through-rate and Quality Score.

The new tool from Wordstream – which, let me remind you, figures in Google Analytics’ app gallery -, provides suggestions of keywords that marketers can select as being either negative or relevant. That way, the company makes a triple promise to marketers: 1) save money, 2) time and 3) increase ROI by weeding out the deadweight. Let’s see how it works.

Test Drive
I’ve entered the term “reputation” for a focus on reputation management. The Negative Keyword Tool yielded a list (on the left hand side) of keywords that I can classify (middle column) as either relevant or not. Then, to refine the selection, I get to choose whether the negative word match will be ‘broad’, ‘phrase’ or ‘exact’. On the top right, there’s even a small box that allow to manually add negative keywords that would not have been listed automatically in the main column.
This is what the page looked like.

Wordstream neg list.JPG

Better Lead Generation
Then, guess what. Yes, this is also a fabulous lead generation tool for Wordstream itself. Like a teaser. Because, in truth, the next thing I did was to click the option below the table, to “exclude terms that have resulted in conversions for your website.” Doing that takes you automatically to the free trial sign-up offer for Wordstream PPC. If you want to upload the list to AdWords, the same applies. Cunning. However, Wordstream are willing to share the love and allow you to embed all their tools onto their your own sites, and even include the ability to share the email signup details with you. So you can generate leads too!

But let’s not get sidetracked. In truth, marketers who’ll use this tool would probably consider using Wordstream anyway if they’re not already on the platform. And what they will get is better and increased lead generation: less wasted spend over irrelevant keywords is the ultimate trick for both. Hence, higher click-through rates and quality scores – indeed.

The explanation from Larry Kim, WordStream’s Founder and VP of Product Development is pretty clear: “The Free Negative Keyword Tool saves PPC advertisers the headache of going the long, tedious and expensive traditional route of waiting for your ad campaigns to mature and accrue query data, then sifting through search query reports to uncover negative keywords.”

Give it a go and tell us what you think. Here’s the link again for the Free Negative Keyword Tool

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