Hamburger Sales Increase 105% in Lead Up to Independence Day

MyWebGrocer report that hamburger sales increase a whopping 105% as Americans prepare to celebrate the birth of the USA. MyWebGrocer collected the data through their grocery ad platform which works with over 100 US retailers (representing over 5000 stores).


These two paragraphs from their press release caught our eye:

Burgers, the beefy mainstay of picnics and parties, are not the only item to show major bottom-line benefits this weekend. Grocery sales overall see a boon as Americans gear up to celebrate our country’s Independence. Sales of veggie burgers increase by 93% in the week leading up to the big day, as compared to the week prior. Not surprisingly, all the barbeque “fixins” – from pickles to buns – see a surge in sales as well.

“Today, we see more consumers embracing social and mobile media as they plan parties. They are inviting friends to picnics using Facebook invites, and searching for sales at their grocery store using mobile apps,” according to Rebecca Roose, MyWebGrocer’s social media manager. “It’s a mix of old new. The traditions–like fireworks and hamburgers–live on. But the ways in which shoppers plan and communicate is constantly evolving.”

We decided to put this statement to the test and reached out to Hitwise and Google to see if they agreed. Both provided anecdotal evidence in support of the trend.

The press team from Hitwise said, “We actually see a higher bump in searches for “hamburger” around Memorial Day then around the Fourth of July.”

Google’s press team, commented that “we certainly can’t tell how much the searchers are eating and drinking, but we certainly can tell they’re interested in all of the above”, highlighting some surprising search data trends from Google Insights for Search (recently integrated into the SEW Toolbar).

    • Searches for hamburger spike on July 4 each year; search volume for hamburger is more than 20% higher around the 4th of July than the rest of the year. Last year, searches for hamburger rose by more than 50% (52%, to be precise) from June 1 to July 4 2009.


    • Searches for hot dogs spike on July 4 each year; in fact, search volume for hot dogs is about 40% higher around the 4th of July than the rest of the year. Last year, searches for hot dogs rose by nearly 70% (68%) from June 1 to July 4, 2009.


    • Searches for barbecue sauce spike on July 4 each year; search volume for barbecue sauce is more than 50% (54%) higher around the 4th of July than the rest of the year.

bbq sauce.png

bbq grill.png

potato salad.png

vodka watermelon.png



Hungry? So there you have it – Americans really do love hamburgers! It just goes to show that searching online really has become a part of daily life and search engine data is often a candid reflection of modern culture.

Happy 4th of July!

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