Yellow Pages To Clock In 39% Of Revenues From Digital Offerings By 2014 [BIA/Kelsey]

Yellow Pages is set to benefit from the global growth of digital offerings and will derive 39% of its revenues from “video, SEM/SEO, mobile, social and reputation management” by 2014, according to a study by research firm BIA/Kelsey.

In the U.S., BIA/Kelsey sees strong growth coming from what it calls “the more established digital offerings, including Web sites, SEM and video” although reputation management, SEO, social and mobile should be the main expansion drivers. The expected compound annual growth rate (CGAR) for digital revenues stands at 17.2% in the U.S., the research firm said in a statement.

In Europe, digital revenues “will surpass print revenues across Europe by 2014, and even sooner in several markets, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and France,” it predicted.

Estimates for Latin America are more precise, as BIA/Kelsey expects digital to account for 11.8% of revenues by 2014, almost doubling the 6.2% contribution from 2009.

In Asia, the Pacific Rim and the rest of world (ROW), digital revenues “will grow by $446 million during the forecast period, a 12.8 percent CAGR.” Emerging markets such as China will grow directly through mobile, “bypassing print and Internet Yellow Pages,” it said.

Overall, “we expect to see certain publishers outperforming our forecast,” said Charles Laughlin, BIA/Kelsey senior vice president.

The data is part of BIA/Kelsey’s Annual Global Yellow Pages Forecast (2009-2014)

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