Will New York Governor David Paterson Protect Vacation Rentals?

On Wednesday, I asked, “Will Social Media Get Governor David Paterson of New York to Veto a Bad Bill?” We’re still waiting to answer that question, but we do know that social media has rallied Stephen Kaufer, CEO and Founder of TripAdvisor, Arthur Frommer, author of the world famous Frommer’s travel guides, and more than 500 people to urge Governor Paterson to veto Bill S6873, which would ban apartment rentals of less than one month.

In a letter, Kaufer said, “At a time when small businesses are struggling to overcome the challenges of a difficult economy and many states are increasingly eager for an influx of tourism, it is surprising to see any legislation that would limit tourism and curtail commerce. Vacation rental properties provide an economic contribution to their neighborhoods and should not be easily dismissed. A ban on rentals lasting less than 30 days could send many vacation rental owners into foreclosure. Who benefits if more people lose their homes and local economies are weakened?”

In a statement, Fromer said, “Thousands of low-cost rooms — accommodations priced at levels that can’t be had in standard hotels — are in danger of being removed from the activity of tourism in New York State. A facility that, over the past several years, has enabled tourists on tight budgets to visit New York is in danger of being destroyed.”

And according to Protect Vacation Rentals, 500 people turned up at a rally outside New York City Hall on Wednesday. Here’s what one homeowner said:

Rally against Bill s6873 in New York City – Protect vacation rentals in NYC – Interview 1

Meanwhile, we haven’t heard back from the Governor yet. He has until tomorrow to sign or veto the bill. So, the jury is still out on whether or not social media will influence the outcome. Stay tuned.

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