Yahoo Search Testing “Infinite Browse”

Yahoo News.JPG Yahoo is currently testing its “Infinite Browse” feature with a limited number of users. Infinite Browse literally comes in a box below Yahoo News and suggests images, videos, news articles, slideshows, as well as related searches.

The user thus stays on the same page (hello dwell time) and no longer has to go to a separate page to further his/her search. No wonder Yahoo claims that so far user engagement with the new module “is nearly twice the amount we see with similar features.” The company did not provide a timeframe for the full roll out of the feature but said it is part of its strategy to enhance and roll out “new search-powered features across the Yahoo! Network.” This includes the recently optimized “Trending Now” related-topics suggestions feature that Yahoo says has “more than doubled” click through rates.

The announcement of this customized querying experience by Yahoo Search director of product management, Caroline Tsay, and product manager, Marc Davis, is a little surprising as the company is readying for the Search Alliance, under the terms of which Microsoft’s Bing will power its search activity. At the same time, the announcement is also a way for Yahoo to assuage fears that although search will be outsourced to Bing, the company will still keep an active interest in the search scene, despite news that two more of its major Search heads have left the Sunnyvale, CA-based company.

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