Getting Seriously ‘Wowd’ On Facebook

It’s hard to find an original headline when the company name actually is “Wowd.” The search startup has launched what it calls a “Social Discovery Client For Facebook,” quite a stern name for a practical and pretty ‘cool’ social app that lets you cut through the noise to find, manage and organize your social connections on Facebook.


Super Filters For Social Noise
Wowd is like a super dashboard that allows you to apply personal filters to your Facebook stream so that you hear from those friends that you want to hear from and skip out the others. Sounds pretty harsh but with the average number of friends going from 140 up, it’s actually very practical. You can make a priority list of those happy few Favorite friends and the trick is that they won’t even know, even if they’re also on Wowd. There’s also a list of those who post the less frequently – the Infrequent posters. Click on that list and you get news from them upon request. The objective is to give you access to the people and information you’d like to read while cutting out the clutter of game updates (yes, how many of your friends spam you with those Farmville and other Zynga calls for action?) and unwanted updates from people you don’t consider as top priority for whatever your purpose is.

Just in case you wondered, you can edit the list just as well as add different such filters. The filters are the queries you launch on Facebook. Let’s say you want to find out who among your friends talks about Paris. You can search via Wowd and their SERP will list for you those connections. You can then name and save the query for future reference. There’s also preset filters by status updates, videos, photos and links shared.

Web Filtering Too
You can also directly search the web via Wowd. Their SERP will only return the most popular results that have popped up in web searches across all major platforms such as Google, Yahoo or Bing at that time. Whether you sort through people, query a topic on Facebook or conduct a search on the ‘Wowd web,’ your queries will result in a tag cloud on the right hand side for easier access in the future. In the case of ‘Wowd web’ searches, what you’ll see is a cloud of the trending topics on the Internet. All of it in real time.

Better than words, here’s a video from Wowd to sum you up the demo they showed us at their Palo Alto premises yesterday.

Just for fun, go to Wowd and select “summaries.” Then click on “My Wall.” You’ll see a visual snapshot of your wall on a corkboard. Pretty neat. Make sure you’re tagged in a photo or two before though.

In a nutshell – for those who were tempted to compare the platform to Hootsuite -, with unwanted noise turned off, a completely customized user experience AND social interaction (status updates, likes & comments) directly on the platform, Wowd optimizes your time both on the web and Facebook. And time is money, as they say.

Next Steps
If you like it, you’ll be pleased to know that looking to the future, Wowd will also be integrating Twitter and LinkedIn to its tool and is also planning to work on its Android and iPhone supported version.

A little background about Wowd: the company was founded in 2007 and is VC funded. Its investors are: Draper Fisher Jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson), KPG Ventures (Dave Hills) and Stanford University. Their real-time web tool was launched in October 2009.

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