Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance (MicroHoo) Big Story at SES San Francisco

As I mentioned last month, on of the big stories at SES San Francisco is the Microsoft Yahoo! Search Alliance, aka MicroHoo.

Byron Gordon of SEO-PR, interviewed Tamara Colagrossi, Group Product Marketing Manager, Search, Microsoft, and Michael McMeekin, Senior Strategist Search Optimization & Strategy, Yahoo!, about the new Microsoft Yahoo search alliance while they were both at the event.

Colagrossi said this new partnership will create a powerful new option in the search marketplace for advertisers. With this partnership, Microsoft and Yahoo will own 30 percent of overall market share in the search space. In addition, this new alliance will deliver a marketplace with 158 million unique users who are conducting up to 4.8 billion searches a month, a big opportunity for advertisers to leverage adCenter to run all of their keyword campaigns and drive their optimization to save time and improve ROI.

McMeekin talked about the benefits of Yahoo! now powered by Bing and the combined capabilities of the Yahoo and adcenter platforms that will provide search ad distribution controls, domain blocking for search, and increased excluded term limits.

Check out the video interview for yourself.

‘Microhoo’ announces new options for advertisers and search marketers at SES San Francisco 2010

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