Googlebeat: Search Trend Based News Channel on Youtube

Last friday, Google launched the Googlebeat channel on Youtube, which aims to bring the value of services like Google Trends & Hot Trends, Google Insights for Search and Year-end Zeitgeist to a wider audience. This strategy is of passing interest as it seems that Google is squarely positioning itself as generating the equivalent value as trending topics in Twitter. Something which the latter has had great success with in garnering media attention. For example, FastCompany, called Twitter a “Human Seismograph Measuring the World“.

A service similar to Googlebeat, that monitors the weeks hottest searches, has been requested for awhile, said Sandra Heikkinen, Manager, Google’s Global Communications & Public Affairs department. Initially Googlebeat was piloted in the Philippines and was met with a positive reaction. With that in mind, they felt it would be interesting to create and extension of the annual year-end Zeitgeist and release US data on a weekly basis.

“No matter what they’re searching for, people come to Google with something on their mind. By exploring the week’s hottest searches, we’re able to share a glimpse into what’s been on the mind of the online community in the week,” said Heikkinen.

Google sharing it’s search trend data is nothing new, Google Hot Trends measures trends on an hourly basis and the in-depth reports on trend data around hot topics are frequently blogged on the Google network of blogs. For example, recently they blogged search trends surrounding the world cup and we blogged 4th July search trends about American’s planning barbecues based on their data. To be fair, Google is pretty on top of sharing points of interest about the community at large but arguably the services they provided are not as well known, and certainly not socialized as comprehensively as Twitter trending topics.

Perhaps, as is the case with Matt Cutt’s GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel on Youtube, providing search trends via a shareable and embeddable player will help promote their own method of capturing the pulse of the times.

What do you think of the first episode? Would you like to see this show format tailored to your country?

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