Ad Networks and Exchanges Commit to Self-Certification by the IAB

One of the events that was part of Connected Marketing Week was a one-day forum on the “Future of Display: Ad Networks and Exchanges,” which was co-programmed by the IAB Networks and Exchanges committee.

Jamie O’Donnell of SEO-PR interviewed Jay Sears, General Manager of ContextWeb’s ADSDAQ Ad Exchange and co-chair of the IAB Networks & Exchanges Committee at Connected Marketing Week about the IAB announcement of new compliance rules for participating ad networks and exchanges set for 2011. In 2011, ad buyers will be able to look for the IAB compliance seal from their participating ad network or exchange and verify if they are certified against the IAB series of guidelines.

Earlier this year, the IAB Networks and Exchanges Committee released a series of quality assurance guidelines that represent inventory to buyers in a way that provides more control, transparency and simplicity than has been previously made available. Sixteen ad networks and exchanges volunteered themselves as the first to commit to comprehensive self-certification against the IAB “Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines.” It is a self-regulatory effort and those 16 ad networks and exchanges will act as certified public representatives of the new IAB guidelines.

The first wave of participating ad networks and exchanges include, 24×7 Real Media, ContextWeb, Inc. ADSDAQ Exchange, ValueClick Media, Burst Media, Fox Audience Network, Tremor Media, Yahoo, and Google.

For a quick overview, watch the video interview below.

First wave of Ad Networks and Exchanges to commit to self-certification by the IAB

For more details, read “IAB Ad Network Guidelines: Providing Greater Brand Safety” by Dave Jacobs. As senior vice president of publisher services, Jacobs oversees the continued growth of third-party publisher partnerships with AOL Advertising’s industry-leading network,

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