Gmail Priority Inbox: Google Applies Algorithm to Email

Following their new computer to phone calling service Google have launched a new beta feature for Gmail users, called priority inbox. It ranks your email according to what you read.

Presumably, it does so based on what you actually open.

Whoa! In fact, that is what it does – and it adapts the algorithm based on your behavior, such as frequent email exchanges and recurring keywords in emails you read. You can add ‘stars’ to track conversations yourself but the algorithm also adapts based on signals which you can give it such as ‘more important’ and ‘less important’.

Such a development will probably save you time. Quel surprise.

What more do you need to know? You just got 16% of your life back that you might have spent reading insignificant email. I guess if you need the step by step guide, or you dont actually use your own gmail account, you might want to read some ‘drilled down’ coverage on Mashable, or some slightly more interesting coverage on TechCrunch, who call it “game changingly awesome“.

Or you could read the human story about how the Starbucks-esque music freaked Chrome users out.

I know which one is a priority for me.

Anyway, here’s the video to save you another pointless click.

Messagemind reckon they’ve been doing it for ages. Personally, I don’t remember giving Google permission to track what emails I open, but whatever, assurances are provided that “no humans will ever read your email“.

Right, because what I’ve really been looking for is a robot controlling my social life. I’m sure that this has nothing to do with Google building a social network. Right?

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