Search Week In Review for Sept. 10, 2010: Google Instant, Keyword Tool Update & More

Here are the top columns for the week of Sept. 6 to 10, as reported by the Search Engine Watch team of experts.

Top Stories

Google Instant – 10 Things Marketing Teams Need to Know by Jonathan Allen
Google Instant took flight yesterday from the ashes of some mysterious logos and via a live transmission on Google’s Official Youtube Channel. What was announced was arguably the biggest change in the user interface (UI) of search engine results pages since search engines were invented and one of the most sophisticated engineering projects for Google since Caffeine.

Google Quietly Updates Keyword Tool Accuracy by Gary-Adam Shannon
Google quietly updated the numbers in the keyword tool late last week, which brought about numerous reports of huge drops in search traffic numbers on forums and industry websites, and speculation that the keyword tool was broken.

Search Engine Optimization

The Daily Con Job: Rogue Spiders in the Wild by Ralph “Fantomaster” Tegtmeier
There’s a veritable onslaught of search engine spiders being all sneaky about what they actually are. It would be utterly naive to assume that they aren’t doing it intentionally. A look at some of the most common techniques you’ll encounter.

SEO Blitz: Are You Ready for Some Football! by Simon Heseltine
Redesigning and optimizing a sports website’s NFL team and player pages to gain better coverage in the SERPs.

Creating an Effective Keyword Portfolio Means Understanding the Search Landscape by John Lynch
Creating a keyword list is step one in any search execution effort. We won’t delve into traditional keyword research tactics here; this post is designed to give marketers the tools to understand if their website can rank for a specific keyword.

Search Advertising

How Google Instant Search Will Impact Advertisers by John Lynch
Unfortunately for the advertiser, Google Instant means less opportunity in the long tail. With more advertisers competing in the same space, the auction prices for head terms will rise in both volume and price, at the expense of less expensive/less common search terms.

Display Advertising Views Have ‘Positive Impact’ on Consumer Behavior by Dan Yomtobian
A recent study from comScore showed that U.S. Internet users are 49 percent more likely to visit an advertiser’s site if they have previously been exposed to display ads. “Display advertising, despite a lack of clicks, can have a significant positive impact on consumer behavior.”

Analytics & ROI

Tracking Success, Part 2: AdWords and Social Media by Frank Watson
Tricks and tools to help you track conversions in AdWords and on social media sites, especially Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a PR Function by Eric Enge
Social media is the rage these days. Clearly, it’s having a big impact on marketing. Arguably, it has changed the face of marketing forever. Or has it? Yes … and no.

Link Building

How to Find the Best Internal Site Pages Based on PageRank and Backlinks by Kristi Hines
How do you find that “Holy Grail” of pages within a large site, especially when it comes to blogs or large directories? Here’s a simple process using two free tools to find the best pages on a website to get your link.

PR Tools for Link Builders by Nichola Stott
It comes quite naturally for me to combine a PR approach to building links of the type that are driven by a story. My objective in building such links is to position the brand message and content, inclusive of (preferably) followed links, on suitable media.

How Monitoring Tools Aid in Link Building by Peter van der Graaf
Here are a few ways you can use monitoring tools (mainly for link building purposes).

Search Industry

Search Trends: Digg vs. Reddit by Matthew NCube
The Digg vs. Reddit rivalry was reignited last week, sparked by a self-inflicted wound on Digg’s part. After Digg unveiled their new look site, all hell broke loose. Reddit benefited from Digg’s user backlash, reportedly receiving 250,000 extra page views after Digg users redirected traffic to its rival site.

SEM Basics

5 Ways to Create an Online Buzz by Kevin Gibbons
Unless you’re a mega brand like Apple (or you do something dreadfully wrong!), you’re never going to have international online buzz. But every company, no matter what its size, can boost the buzz around its product or service.

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