News Picks: More Instant Fallout, for Sale, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn All See Growth

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Search News

Bing exec: Google Instant may be fast, but Bing results are smarter – USA Today
A young Australian tech geek, named Long Zheng, tweaked Microsoft’s Bing search engine to do the same basic functions of Google Instant back in August 2009.

How The “Focus On First” Helps Hide Google’s Relevancy Problems – Search Engine Land
With the focus this week on Google Instant Search providing fast answers, Danny Sullivan revisits the quality of their search results.

Google rejects, then approves, anti-Google ads – CNET
After initially rejecting three AdWords ads submitted by Consumer Watchdog (a major critic of its policies), Google approves the ads following a complaint by the advertiser.

Q&A: Google Apps director of security Eran Feigenbaum – talks security and the cloud with Google’s Eran Feigenbaum.

Responding to the fires in San Bruno – Official Google Blog
Google donates $50,000 to the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter to help with relief efforts. They’ve also created a map to show the location of the explosion and highlight nearby shelters and resources.

Back to the Future: Innovation is Alive in Search – Yahoo Search Blog
Shashi Seth reminds us that they had “Instant Search” back in 2005, but the world just wasn’t ready for it yet. Says “we’re still at the beginning of not only how, but how quickly, search results will be presented.”

Helping You Explore New and Engaging Content – Yahoo Search Blog
Yahoo says they have improved the design of their “Infinite Browse” content exploration module and have seen a significant increase in user engagement on news article pages (more than doubled click-through rate).

Bring your Gmail and Hotmail to Yahoo – Yahoo Mail Blog
Did you know you could check your Gmail and Hotmail accounts right from Yahoo Mail? Yahoo wants to be “your one stop for email.”

Bloglines Update – Ask Blog will shut down Bloglines on October 1, will focus on building out their Q&A offering.

GoDaddy Is on the Block – Wall Street Journal, the website that registers Internet domain names, has put itself up for sale in an auction that could fetch more than $1 billion.

Search Engine Optimization

Bing and Yahoo – Same Algorithm, Different Results – Covario Blog
There’s still a difference between the results you see when you search for a term on Bing and Yahoo.

Search Advertising

Monthly charging limits for unchanged budgets – Inside AdWords
Google introduces a monthly charging limit for campaigns, which is automatically calculated based on your daily budget.

Facebook to Stop Counting “Short Impressions” in Advertiser Metrics – Inside Facebook
Facebook plans to remove what it calls “short impressions” from being counted in campaigns. But Facebook doesn’t explain how it classifies an impression as too short versus valuable enough to count.

Site Maintenance on Saturday, September 11 – Inside AdSense

Analytics & ROI

More On Instant Search – Google Analytics Blog
How to track Instant Search in Google Analytics, and whether it’s possible to see partial Instant Search queries in your reports. Plus answers to more questions on keywords, ranking, partial queries and AdWords impressions.

Social Media Marketing

Strong Growth for Twitter’s Mobile Audience – ClickZ
Traffic to Twitter from mobile devices has grown by 62 percent since April, according to the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Not Go Public Anytime Soon – TechCrunch
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently used Facebook Questions to weigh in on the ETA for a possible Facebook IPO.

Facebook Marketing to the Lunatic Political Fringe – aimClear Search Marketing Blog
Get set to spend some time, get a little creative, and reap the rewards of these passionate political segments.

YouTube CEO Offers “YouTube Instant” Creator a Job via Twitter – Mashable
A computer science student at Stanford University who created YouTube Instant, an app that brings up different YouTube videos while you type, gets job offer via Twitter.

Local & Mobile Search

AdMob Helps Bring Seattle’s Best Coffee to Life in Mobile – Google Mobile Ads Blog
How AdMob collaborated with Creature to develop visually engaging ad units and a landing page experience compatible with thousands of phones.

Android 2.2 Finally Starts To See Wide Adoption, Now On 28.7% Of Handsets – TechCrunch
Google has just updated its Platform Versions chart which shows there has recently been a surge in the number of devices running Android 2.2: it’s now running on 28.7% of handsets.

Facebook Places In New Hampshire Turns Into A Real-Life – TechCrunch
A burglary ring in Nashua, New Hampshire targeted people who checked into places on Facebook, alerting them when they were not home.

SMB Search Marketing

Google Places Brings a Smile to a Dental Practice – Google Small Business Blog
The free business listing and Place page that one dentist set up through Google Places has become his marketing powerhouse.

International Search

Facebook Building Its Southeast Asia Market Presence with New Singapore Office – Inside Facebook
Facebook has added the Singapore office to its Careers Page location listings, and currently has a number of openings that suggest further expansion.

LinkedIn: Crossing Borders and Connecting People – comScore
LinkedIn attracted 50 million visitors worldwide in July, up 16 percent in just the past six months. A look at LinkedIn usage across countries.

SES Conference & Expo

The Business Value of Social Media & SES Hong Kong – TopRank Online Marketing Blog
Lee Odden previews his SES Hong Kong session, at which he will discuss the answers to some important social media questions that companies are asking worldwide: How do you listen to what is being said about your products or services? How do you unlock the economic potential of social media? How do you measure ROI?

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