Bing No. 2 Search Engine, the Googleopoly, Link Building Study & More Search News

The Nielsen Co. is reporting that Bing has pushed past Yahoo in August to become the No. 2 search engine in the U.S. Bing had a 13.9 percent share of search volume in August, compared to Yahoo’s 13.1 percent; Google had a 65.1 percent share.


Here’s a roundup of this morning’s other top search headlines and tips from around the Web, sorted by category.

Search Industry

Is Google Killing the Economy?PCWorld Business Center
A report, “Googleopoly VI Seeing the Big Picture: How Google is Monopolizing Consumer Internet Media & Threatening a Price Deflationary Spiral & Job Losses in a $Trillion Sector,” claims Google is a vast antitrust threat and wants DOJ crackdown.

Google Exec: Instant? Why Worry?PCWorld
Othar Hansson, Google senior staff software engineer, addresses concerns about Instant, including usability, changing the way people search, organic and paid search, and future improvements.

Google Chrome’s Deadly Skull & Crossbones Security WarningSearch Engine Roundtable
Chrome users are complaining about an “alarming” warning that appears when visiting an insecure site.

Google Says Google Reader Is Doing Just FinepaidContent
Google urges Bloglines users to navigate over to Reader and releases charts (which have no specific data) showing Reader’s continued growth.

Maximizing openness of broadband dataGoogle Public Policy Blog
Google files comments with the FCC, offering ideas on how the agency can improve on how it collects, analyzes, and disseminates information about the state of broadband in the United States

Discontinuous Seam Carving for Video RetargetingGoogle Research Blog
Google has developed an algorithm that resizes video to help users watching video on screens of all sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios without cropping, stretching, or letterboxing.

Search Engine Optimization

Some Reports of September 2010 Google PageRank UpdateSearch Engine Roundtable
A few SEOs are reporting that their PageRank has changed, but not everyone agrees.

Search Advertising

Google Instant AdWords TroubleSearch Engine Journal
An early look at the impact of Google Instant on AdWords campaigns.

Account Structure Set Up and Best PracticesPPC Hero
Tips on how to create a well-organized PPC account.

Microsoft Advertising adCenter Support Hours Extended During Paid Search Transition PeriodadCenter Blog
The hours of availability for phone support have been extended. Visit their site for hours and contact info.

Analytics & ROI

The Naysayers of Landing Page OptimizationClickZ
It’s important to understand the perspectives of the naysayers in your company in order to get the best results out of your conversion rate optimization projects (by Tim Ash).

3 Key Factors For Improving Ecommerce Conversion RatesHubSpot Blog
Implementation and design specifics for three key pieces of e-commerce sites: call-to-action button; landing page with a form; and thank you page.

Link Building

Anchor Text Has Lost Its Edge – Time To Build A Healthy Strong Domain, Old Techniques Are Not Going to Cut
A new link building study shows that, in terms of ranking, building a strong domain is far more important than anchor text.

106 Sponsorship-Based Link Building QueriesOntolo
Garrett French gets you ready to donate, sponsor, support and otherwise facilitate community in a way that earns you backlinks.

Local & Mobile Search

Facebook ‘Places’ Campaigns Debut With Betsey JohnsonClickZ
Women’s designer clothing brand and novelties e-tailer each launch ‘Places’ campaigns for Facebook users who check in. Are geo-social floodgates about to burst open?

V CAST App Store to compete with official Android Market?Android and Me
Verizon is accepting submissions for their new Apple-style V CAST App Store on Android, putting it in competition with the official Android Market.

Most Clicked Mobile Ads Aren’t On Android or iPhoneWired
According to Smaato, users of Symbian-powered phones, which are mostly made by Nokia, are most likely to click on ads, followed by users of “regular” mobile phones with Internet access. Apple iOS device users were nearly exactly average in their ad-clicking rates, while Android, Microsoft, and Blackberry users all clicked on ads least.

IPhone App Downloads Outpace Android, Blackberry, Nielsen SaysBloomberg News
Nielsen reports that Apple’s iPhone customers who go to the App Store download almost twice as many programs as those who use Google’s Android Market or BlackBerry’s App World.

Apple Clears Way for Google’s Ads on Its DevicesClickZ
Move may have come in reaction to regulatory scrutiny.

A Fully Interactive Mobile Experience with Interstitial Ad UnitsGoogle Mobile Ads Blog
A look at some interactive interstitial ads run on iPhone and iPod touch devices.

A Few Pointers for Effective Mobile MarketingWebProNews
Tips for small and large businesses on how to utilize mobile marketing to drive traffic and revenue.

Yelp Beats “Deceptive Acts” ClaimsWebProNews
Yelp recently won a case against a dentist who tried who sued the site over a negative review, claiming defamation and “deceptive acts and practices” under New York state law.

You Want Great Views? Find It On YelpYelp Blog
Yelp passes 13 million review mark.

International Search

Google Instant Changes AdEpiphany Solutions Digital Marketing Blog
Some PPC ads have suspicious looking character limits in U.K. — 35-35 split was no longer in place?

AdWords Campaign Experiments rolling out globallyInside AdWords
AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), a free tool that makes it easier to test and precisely measure the impact of changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups, and placements, is beginning its global rollout.

Czechs stop Google’s Street View data collectionReuters
The Czech Office for Personal Data Protection again rejects Google’s application to collect personal data, saying the process could potentially break the law.

Facebook Places Launches In JapanTechCrunch
Japan is the first country outside of the U.S. to receive Facebook Places integration, although it has been tested in the U.K. and Canada.

SES Conference & Expo

Avinash Kaushik on Storytelling & Web AnalyticsTopRank Online Marketing Blog
Lee Odden interviews analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik, the SES Hong Kong opening keynote speaker.

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