Google New, A New Landing Page For All New Google Products

Google allow their employees to spend 20% of their time on new project ideas. Pretty sweet, right? The latest output from this policy is something that will probably save you 100% of your time finding out about the latest product launch from Google. It’s called Google New and it’s basically a pretty portal which highlights the latest product updates (and a much better alternative to the terribly designed page that is the Google Blog directory).

Product Highlights
Given the volume of product updates from the search giant, Google New is likely to save the average blogger and journalist more time than Gmail Priority Inbox and Google Instant put together!

I’ve already found interesting stuff that I missed – such as the recent Google Health redesign and the new Transparency report for (not-so) secret agents in the making.

A boss in the Googleplex must have slapped their forehead in disbelief when they saw it – i mean, really, why didn’t they think of this earlier?

For the Love of Links
Oddly enough, you can’t link to any of the pages on Google New, which seems a bit silly as surely the goal of making it easier for people to find a product update, involves making it easy for people to share a product update?

Maybe it’ll take another 20% of someone’s time to work that bit out… Just kidding; Google New, I love you, you can have that idea for 1% of mine.

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