Google Guilty of Defamation; Google/Apple Extend Search Deal & Latest Search News

Google and CEO Eric Schmidt have been found guilty in Paris on charges of defamation because Google suggested search terms including “rapist” and “satanist” when a query was done for the plaintiff’s name.

Google was ordered to pay one euro in damages, plus 5,000 euros toward Mr. X’s legal bills, and avoid repeating the offense in the future. Google will appeal the ruling.

“All of the queries shown in Autocomplete have been typed previously by other Google users,” said company spokeswoman Anne-Gabrielle Dauba-Pantanacce “These searches are algorithmically determined based on a number of purely objective factors, including popularity of search terms.”

In Other Google News…

During an interview with Charlie Rose, Schmidt said that Google and Apple have extended their search deal, which will keep Google as the default app on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Schmidt said, “Apple is a company we both partner and compete with. We do a search deal with them, recently extended, and we’re doing all sorts of things in maps and things like that,” Schmidt said. No more info is available about terms or length.

Schmidt also was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. During the 20 minute interview, Schmidt says that Bing is Google’s competitor (“well run, highly competitive search engine“), not Facebook (“too early to tell”) or Apple (“also a partner”). He also says he’ll be at Google another 14 years.

And two other quick Google notes:

  • Sony’s Google TV product is slated for unveiling Oct. 12 in NYC.
  • The Google Chrome Web Store has set up payment via checkout.

Here’s a roundup of this morning’s other top search headlines and tips from around the Web, sorted by category.

Search Engine Optimization

Content Ideas – Creating an Ongoing SeriesMichael Gray
Get the most SEO value out of an ongoing series by figuring out regular intervals (weekly, biweekly, monthly), using an editorial calendar, interlinking the series, maximizing anchor text, and tagging posts to serve the most effective advertisements.

Bad Dates in Google Snippets: Hey Google, I’ve Blogged a Little Since 2005!SEO by the Sea
Pay attention to what search engines are showing in the SERPs as snippets for your pages when they appear for different queries. Make changes to the meta descriptions or page content that show up in those snippets.

Search Advertising

Updated Keyword Tool: Out of BetaInside AdWords
The previous Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool are no longer available in AdWords. The updated Keyword Tool is now the only Keyword Tool available in AdWords.

Payday Loans Search Business Booming in the Down EconomyadCenter Blog
Searchers are looking for help finding emergency funds in increasing numbers. AdCenter offers advertisers advice on how to make the most of searches for [payday loans] based on comScore data.

Holiday Search Marketers Should Focus on ‘Peak Week,’ Study SaysClickZ
The first week of December accounted for 25 percent of all holiday season profits, according to Marin Software’s 2009 study. It also found that Sunday search buys performed best.

Top U.S. Online Properties, August 2010ClickZ
A look at the the top 25 online properties in August, according to comScore.

Analytics & ROI

Chrome 6 Issue CorrectedGoogle Analytics Blog
Fixes a bug in the JavaScript engine, resulting in Chrome providing an artificially high visitor count for some websites. The affected period varies, but wouldn’t have appeared before Sept. 7.

New! Status DashboardGoogle Analytics
Dashboard reports on the current status of the three main components of Google Analytics: data collection (whether data is being collected correctly) web report (whether users can view reports correctly when signed in); GData API (whether APIs are working properly).

Fix Your Writing or Suffer Lower Conversion RatesClickZ
To increase the odds of higher conversion rates for you and higher satisfaction for your consumers, you need to consider the structure, tone, and format of your writing.

Social Media Marketing

Efficient Frontier Integrates Facebook With Ad Management PlatformClickZ
The company says its platform is the first to offer Facebook alongside search and display ad management functionality.

22 Social Media Marketing Management ToolsTopRank Online Marketing Blog
A variety of social media management tools (for multiple network accounts, content, and measurement) that help with everything from source network connections, to campaign and social content management, to monitoring and measurement.

Local & Mobile Search

Apple Threatens Search Giants’ Mobile Ad SharesBusinessWeek
IDC research indicates that Apple will have 21 percent of the mobile advertising market by the end of the year, while Google will drop to 21 percent, Microsoft will drop to 7 percent, and Yahoo will drop to 9 percent. Jumptap and Millennial Media will see shares jump to 13 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

YouTube strengthens mobile focusGSMA Mobile Business Briefing
Exec says a new high-end mobile website (codenamed Blazer) will provide a “best-in-class” mobile video search experience, and address many of the earlier issues with YouTube mobile services.

The Power of Wolfram|Alpha is Coming to AndroidWolfram|Alpha Blog
Available Oct. 6.

SMB Search Marketing

Small Business Essentials Series: Choosing Match Types and Negative KeywordsadCenter Blog
Reviews how to identify the best match match type strategy (exact, phrase, broad, expanded broad), plus negative keywords, when building an ad campaign.

International Search

“Bom Sabado” Worm Hits Google’s OrkutTechCrunch
The “Bom Sabado” javascript worm infected user streams with the text “Bom Sabado” and then automatically signed those users up for groups.

How to Increase ROAS by Analysing Path to Conversion
Search advertising accounts for 61 percent of all online marketing investment in the U.S., according to a Forrester Research report. And it’s becoming a trend in Asia Pacific as well.

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