Early Bird Saves Up To $300 on Conference Pass to SES Chicago 2010

David Ortiz recorded his 100th RBI last night in the 6-1 victory of the Boston Red Sox over the Chicago White Sox. How much did it mean to Ortiz? “As much as it did last year, when I got 99,” he told Gordon Edes of the Red Sox Blog.

Now watch this smooth segue to another topic that involves the Windy City.

SES Chicago 2010 is coming up fast, and early bird pricing closes out this Friday!

The keynote speakers are Avinash Kaushik, author, blogger, and analytics evangelist at Google; Jeff Hayzlett, celebrity CMO, best-selling author and former Kodak CMO; and Maile Ohye, Senior Developer Programs Engineer at Google. And the conference offers more than 70 sessions, intensive training workshops, and an expo floor packed with companies that can help you grow your business.

And this year, SES is also introducing its first ever “All Access” pass, which combines for the first time the 3-day conference with its exclusive SEM training.

You can save up to $300 if you register by Friday, October 1. Check out the rates and registration details on the SES Chicago website.

What do you have to lose? The Chicago White Sox won’t be playing games October 18-22. And if the Boston Red Sox lose a game, or the New York Yankees win a game this week, then Red Sox Nation will be looking for something else to do that week, too.

And there’s one other sports-related impact of moving SES Chicago from December last year to October this year. The conference will be held before “The Game” between the University of Michigan Wolverines and The Ohio State University Buckeyes on November 27, 2010.

Why is this important?

As a loyal Wolverine, I’ve had a running bet with Buckeyes on The Game since 2004 — and I’ve lost each and every year! This has meant that I’ve had to wear an Ohio State sweatshirt at the SES Chicago conference in December for six years in a row. My Buckeye sweatshirt is starting to get a little threadbare — and some people mistakenly think I went to OSU.

Who are these Buckeyes? Well, one is Matt Bailey of SiteLogic. Just watch my interview with him at SES London 2008.

Matt Bailey, SiteLogic, at SES London 2008 on Networking

Another Buckeye is Avinash Kaushik. Check out my interview with him at SES London 2010.

Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik on using your data at SES London 2010

But SES Chicago 2010 will be held a month BEFORE The Game. So, I’m planning to register early and spend some of my savings on a new maize and blue sweatshirt that I can wear proudly to the conference for the first time in seven years!

So, in the greater scheme of things, how important is that? With apologies for mixing my sports metaphors, it’s as important as getting 100 RBIs in a season.

Go Blue!

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