‘Cebu Pacific FAs dancing’ Now Has Over 6.5 Million Views

Flight attendants for Cebu Pacific, a low-cost Philippine airline, danced away to Lady Gaga’s hit “Just Dance” on a narrow A-320 passenger cabin aisle last Thursday to keep passengers from snoozing through an in-flight safety demonstration. They have now become the latest YouTube hit with more than 6.5 million views.

Hey, you can’t this stuff up. Check it out.

Cebu Pacific FAs dancing

I know, I know, you’re asking what does this mean to marketers.

Well, earlier this morning, Cebu Pacific Vice President for marketing Candice Iyog told The Associated Press, “People hardly pay attention to the safety demo on the ground. The airline was very thrilled with the outcome.”

And the has airline decided to continue the flight show.

“We’d like to spread the culture of fun — and safety,” Iyog said.

Those are pretty good brand attributes, don’t you think? And check out Google Insights for Search to see the lift in web search interest for “Cebu Pacific.”

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