Newsknife Now Rating Journalists Based on Appearances in Google News

If you’d like to pitch your story to a journalist who writes more articles that appear in Google News than any other journalist, then you’ll love the new Newsknife ratings.

Newsknife has provided rankings of the top news sites in Google News for years. But as Google News started adding bylines to its news search results, Newsknife also started collecting information about the journalists whose articles appear in in the news search results on 22 English language Google News sites worldwide.

Overall, Newsknife has gathered a sample of 215,300 listings which can be attributed to 30,971 journalists since late 2009.

So, who is the top journalist with the most articles in Google News? Barak Ravid of tops Newsknife’s list of the 6,300 journalists it found during September. He was attributed in 130 listings.

Hey, do you think Ravid or the editors of know something about news search optimization? Hey, it’s just a question.

As I mentioned last month in a blog post entitled, “Rumors of the Press Release’s Death have been Greatly Exaggerated,” it’s getting harder and harder to optimize press releases for news search engines because more and more news media are optimizing their articles for news search engines.

Over the past year, I’ve interviewed:







But they guy who originally tipped me off about this trend was Ken McGaffin of Wordtracker, who told me at SES London 2008 that journalists were coming to grips with keyword research.

Ken McGaffin, WordTracker, SES London 2008 Keyword Research

So thanks, Ken, for the tip. And do you think journalists will start using Newsknife before PR people do?

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