Cebu Airlines YouTube Video Clips Generating Publicity

According to Clarissa Batino and Cecilia Yap of Bloomberg, “Lady Gaga Flight-Dance Video Wins Publicity for Cebu Air IPO.” This provides a whole new meaning to the term “going public.”

Two days ago, I reported that “‘Cebu Pacific FAs dancing’ Now Has Over 6.5 Million Views.” Well, now it has 7.9 million views.

So what?

According to Bloomberg, the video has “been covered by CNN and Fox News, generating publicity for the carrier as it seeks as much as 25.2 billion pesos ($580 million) in the Philippines’ largest initial public offering in 5 years.”

Candice Iyog, Cebu Air’s vice president for marketing, says the Philippines’ largest budget airline plans to add the dance on other flights.

“The clip was recorded by a passenger and wasn’t a move by the Manila-based airline to drum up interest in its share sale,” she adds. “The timing though is impeccable,” because Cebu Air’s IPO price will be announced today.

According to Philippine Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim, “People will see that this is a singing country, a dancing country.” He adds, “It will help persuade people to come here.”

So, stay tuned. This “story has legs.” Oh, and in case you missed it two days ago, here’s the video — again. (No, I don’t have any financial interest to disclose.)

Cebu Pacific FAs dancing

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