Google News & Twitter Integration: ‘Friends’ with Social Layer Benefits

Google is testing out a new Google News feature involving Twitter. For the experiment, known simply as “Friends,” Google has added a section on the right column to help Google users find news articles that friends have shared on Twitter.

The Friends box tells users to “Connect your Twitter account to see when people you follow are talking about the news.”

Here’s Google’s description:

In the open text box, enter your Twitter username and click “Save.” Google News will refresh, and you will see a list of updates containing news articles shared by the people you follow. Please note that Friends only shows you articles that can be found in Google News. If someone you follow has shared an article or a link that cannot be found in Google News, then you will not see that update in the Friends section.

To change the username you wish to follow, click on “Edit.” Enter the new username in the text field and click “Save changes.”

And here’s a screenshot via Barry Schwartz, who first reported the small experiment:


As we reported last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced plans to begin adding “layers” of social networking features this fall, rather than unveiling a flashy product to compete with Facebook.

“We’re trying to take Google’s core products and add a social component,” Schmidt told Reuters. “If you think about it, it’s obvious. With your permission, knowing more about who your friends are, we can provide more tailored recommendations. Search quality can get better.”

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