“Ridiculously Easy” Link Building with New Ontolo Tool: A Q&A with Garrett French

Ontolo launches V2 of its Link Building Toolset today, making it “ridiculously easy” for SEOs to find and evaluate backlink prospects. SEW expert Garrett French, Co-Founder of Ontolo, says this new breed of link prospecting tool is quite different from other backlink tools out there. Here’s a quick Q&A with Garrett about Ontolo’s new link building tool.

Q: What exactly does your tool do?

A: Thanks Danny! So our tool makes the prospecting and qualification phases of link building much, much faster and easier.

Q: OK, how?

A: Well, first and foremost we’re building custom, searchable link prospect databases for our clients based on their SEO keywords as well as the specific kinds of link opportunities that they’re targeting.

Q: And how does this equate to “faster and easier,” or “ridiculously easy?”

A: Ah! Touche sir 😉 Well it’s faster because all the link prospects in the database align with your existing linkable assets. This point is HUGE. When using competitor backlinks for prospecting there’s always a gap between the assets your competitor leveraged to earn a link and the assets you have on hand.

For example I could analyze link building expert EricWard.com’s backlinks in order to source prospects. However, many of the links he’s earned over the years come from his industry and business relationships. While these are certainly worth investigating, I’m more interested in finding prospects for Ontolo’s existing linkable assets – our free link building tools and link building articles.

Q: So you find link opportunities for clients based on what’s inherently linkable about the client’s website or organization?

A: Precisely. And your customized link prospect database is keyword searchable. We also have 26 different qualification filters that get you even closer to a particular kind of prospect such as guest posts, sponsored links, .gov and .edu links, etc.

Here are more details:

  • Daily Discovery of 300-500+ New Link Prospects added to your link prospect database.
  • Customized Link Prospects based on your targeted SEO keywords and link types.
  • Your own, Customized Link Prospect Database with hundreds of new link prospects added every day.
  • Link Prospect Crawler and Indexer that analyzes each link prospect for relevance, value, links, etc.
  • Aggregation of 3rd-Party API data for every link prospect including Google PageRank, SEOMoz URL data, and Alexa data.
  • Fully Searchable Link Prospect Text Database, allowing you to find very specific link prospects. Ie: Prospects with Keyword X in the title, Keyword Y in the body text, but not Keyword Z.
  • Link Prospect Type Classification to quickly and easily distinguish Guest Posts from Paid Link from Web Directories from Links Pages from Blogrolls from Blogs and more.
  • Over two dozen Link Prospect Search Forms to quickly find specific kinds of link prospects, from Guest Posts to Gov and EDU links to Paid Links and more.
  • Export Link Prospects to CSV, Excel, the clipboard or to your printer.

Q: So if someone’s interested, what are the next steps?

A: Go sign up for a free account at http://ontolo.com/user/register and head over to the free link building tools page at: http://ontolo.com/link-building-tools.

In there, you will be able to select one of at least three demo databases that we created, one for the Outdoor Sports space, one for SEO expert publishers, and one for Social Media expert publishers.

Q: Great, well thanks for stopping by and good luck on your launch today!

A: Cheers Danny! Thanks for your time 🙂

And just as a reminder, only 250 subscriptions are available because Ontolo wants to provide the highest level of support possible to each customer. Garrett expects to fill these slots up quickly. So if you’re interested, don’t delay.

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