A Bing State of Mind: Jay-Z Teams with Bing & Facebook to Promote Book

Bing is in the midst of another marketing blitz. Sunday during NFL games, Bing’s commercials were hard to miss, as the search engine tried to sell itself to football fans.

Bing followed up yesterday by announcing a multi-platform search experience and interactive game to help people decode Jay-Z’s life and lyrics. To help promote Jay-Z’s upcoming book, “Decoded,” between 5 and 10 new pages will be placed in different locations (from London to Manhattan) every day for the next month.

New partner Facebook is also in the mix. Those who want to take part will have to login to Facebook on the Decode Jay-Z with Bing page. Jay-Z’s and Bing’s Facebook pages will give out clues to contest participants.


These clues can then be decoded using Bing search and contestants can search for the location using Bing Maps. As you crack clues on the website, the background map zooms in until you find the correct area. Then, zoom in and use Bing’s Map to find it.

“We know from our research that his fan base (includes) really heavy searchers,” Lisa Gurry, communications director at Bing, told ClickZ. “So we can reach this audience with a really engaging experience that hits a topic they’re passionate about and it’s a great way to build affinity for Bing.”

Gurry says this is Bing’s first interactive game and, based on how people interact with it, Bing may look to do more in the future.

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