Google Fights Back in Patent Suit vs. Microsoft Co-Founder

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, sued 11 corporations, including Google/YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, and AOL, claiming they built their businesses off of technology he owns the patents on. Now Google and many of the other companies are fighting back.

Since the suit was filed in August, Google joined forces with eBay, Apple, Netflix, Office Depot, Staples, AOL, Facebook, Office Max and Yahoo. On Oct. 18, the group filed a motion for dismissal because “the suit doesn’t adequately back up its claims that they’re running afoul of approaches pioneered by Allen’s defunct Interval Research,” TechFlash reported.

Google said Interval failed to identify how Google has infringed on his patents, the underlying technology at issue, and the products or services offered by Google that are alleged to infringe.

Said Google:

“Interval is not entitled to waste Court and party resources with a scattershot Complaint against multiple Defendants that fails to give any indication as to which products or services Interval contends are infringing and the factual basis for such a claim. Interval’s Complaint is so devoid of any facts to support its infringement contentions that it is impossible for Google to reasonably prepare a defense.”

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