Only 13% of Visitors to Media Company Homepage Watch Pre-roll Video Ads

Video Sharing Analytics company, Tube Mogul conducted a little investigation to discover “what percent of unique visitors to a media company’s homepage will end up watching a pre-roll video ad?”

Perhaps unsurprisingly they found that a single pre-roll ad only reached a minority of the users who were engaging with the media company’s home page.

On average only 13% of visitors to the destination pages saw a pre-roll video ad. the graph below illustrates pre-roll ad touchpoints by sector.


The other 87% of users were presumably engaged in other non-video-ad-watching related activities such as checking show times or reading reviews and blogs. The question is were they really interested in the other content or simply trying to avoid the 30 second video ad? You decide.

Tube Mogul recommend that if advertisers really want to reach premium audiences via their online video ads then they will need to deploy in banner display, and even interstitial ads, to generate the exposure they are looking for.

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