‘The T-Mobile Welcome Back’ is Great Sequel to ‘The T-Mobile Dance’

In February of this year, I taught a YouTube and Video Marketing Workshop at SES London 2010. Seated in the back were a couple of people from T-Mobile.

Now, you’d think that they’d still be excited about creating one of the biggest hits in Unruly Media’s Viral Video Chart of top 100 Global Viral Ads of all time. Currently ranked #23, it’s “The T-Mobile Dance.”

Uploaded January 16, 2009, it has 23,536,640 views. And according to the Viral Video Chart, it has 133,597 Facebook shares, 4,807 tweets, and 4,927 blog posts.

But, no. The T-Mobile team looked worried. Why? Because they were now expected to top it.

So, they were hoping to learn something, anything that could help them market and promote their YouTube videos more effectively.

Well, I’m relieved to say that they’ve succeeded. And while it is still early days, I’m sure that “The T-Mobile Welcome Back” will be a great sequel.

In fact, they are teaching their teacher some new things.

Uploaded on October 29, 2010, their sequel already has 545,135 views. And according to the Viral Video Chart, it already has 11,120 Facebook shares, 1,580 tweets, and 33 blog posts.

And it’s received rave reviews in Guardian.co.uk, Express.co.uk, and Mirror.co.uk,

The video has been embedded in bestofyoutube.com, t-mobile.co.uk, facebook.com, and nightin.parcproductions.com. It’s gotten referrals from related videos — a teaser and a promo that it was “arriving tonight.”

And it already has 1,807 comments — including “its so funny this advert is probably the best i have ever seen” from tootstobs and “Great spot. Why aren’t they as creative as that in Germany?” by ckollege.

And it’s just a couple days old!

And check out how many tags “The T-Mobile Welcome Back” has. I counted 39: t-mobile, tmobile, lifes, for, sharing, welcome, home, back, Heathrow, terminal, five, airport, singing, choir, vocal, orchestra, human, dance, sing-along, Liverpool, street, station, Trafalgar, square, night, in, josh, josh’s, band, Adverts, TV, Commercial, Ad, Campaign, Latest, Work, Channel, trailer.

“The T-Mobile Welcome Back” is also the featured video on the Life’s for Sharing channel.

Oh, and did I mention that the description of the video includes a link to http://www.facebook.com/tmobileuk.

In other words, the T-Mobile team has topped their previous effort. I give them top marks.

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