New Entry into Enterprise SEO Space

Tallwave, a venture accelerator firm that develops “go to market” strategies for digital marketing product companies, announced its first portfolio company, SyCara, a developer of workflow management platform for search engine optimization (SEO).

SyCara provides a single platform for SEO professionals for brands and agencies to collaborate and manage their workflow whilst also providing monitoring and reporting to senior management. SyCara is the brainchild of former SEMPO board member Fionn Downhill‘s company Elixir Interactive, which specializes in reputation management.

We have yet to have a demo of the software so we’re reserving comment on the product iteself, but by the sounds of it Sycara’s solution competes against other SEO workflow management and task recommendation platforms such as Conductor, Covario, Brightedge and SearchMetrics.

The aim of this new generation of platforms is to enable SEO professionals and Chief Marketing Offices to achieve a higher ROI from their campaigns by focussing attention on efficiency gains. With so many entering the space it is yet further evidence that SEO has finally come of age.

Another point of interest is that the SyCara platform originated from an in-house solution used at Elixir Interactive and has been spun off by Tallwave into it’s own company and product. Downhill began developing SyCara’s SEO platform two years ago when she and
her agency team at Elixir Interactive saw that SEO professionals were being under-served by the current tools in the marketplace.

“We built SyCara because we understood firsthand the struggles and frustrations that come with SEO management – the hassles, the lack of coordination, the disparate data sources,” she said. “SyCara integrates keyword rankings and research, analytics, integrated Google webmaster tools and linking tools, giving SEO professionals workflow management, monitoring and reporting tools in one application.”

SyCara’s entry into the market via Tallwave underlines that there are further opportunities for established agencies who have been developing their own in-house SEO tools.

If your company has developed their own technology for automating certain aspects of the digital marketer’s workflow then you may also find that the your team’s combined years of experience have been sufficiently baked into the platform to spin it off into it’s own product.

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