Google Officially Announces Arrival of Instant Mobile

We reported that Google Instant beta was appearing on Android devices last week. Yesterday, Google made it official, introducing the predictive search-as-you-type functionality for iPhones and Android.

You should see Instant beta if you have Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) devices and iPhones and iPods running iOS 4 in the U.S. in English. To try it out, hit the “Turn on” link beneath the search box on

instant-mobile.pngGoogle plans to add support to more countries, languages, and devices in coming months. However, it’s reportedly working just fine in the U.K. and Canada as well.

Google said they’re “pushing the limits of mobile browsers and wireless networks. You will probably notice a big improvement in speed when you search thanks to a new AJAX and HTML5 implementation for mobile that dynamically updates the page with new results and eliminates the need to load a new page for each query.”

Google also pointed out that Instant mobile works best on 3G and WiFi networks. Bad connection? Just disable it.

Here’s a quick demo video of Google Instant mobile:

Early reviews are mixed. Some say it stinks because of the smaller screen size. Others love it.

If you have Instant for mobile, what do you think?

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