Search Week In Review for Nov. 13, 2010

Here’s a roundup of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of Nov. 7 to 12, as reported by Search Engine Watch, as well as search news and tips from around the web.

Search Engine Optimization

Diversifying Your SEO by Josh McCoy
Imagine your site as you would your investment portfolio. Spreading your assets evenly is extremely important to long-term growth.

Search Advertising

PPC Managers Rejoice: AdWords and adCenter Desktop Tools Get a Facelift by John Lee
An overview of some new features now available in Google AdWords Editor and adCenter Desktop, including mobile targeting, display, and remarketing, and increased visibility and functionality.

The 2 Principles of Effective Performance Advertising by Mark Drummond
Creating relevant ads is easy. Making people click on them? Not so much. Here’s how to design a good user experience that leads to performance ads that work well.

Learn the Full Value of Your Paid Search Program by Jason Tabeling
If you have a conversion without revenue tied to it, here’s how you can use data from various channels to help put a value on those events.

How General Keywords Can Influence Brand-Related PPC Purchases by Joseph Kerschbaum
Which search queries are leading users to make a purchase? The search funnel reports within AdWords can provide deeper insights into your account’s performance.

Ford Drops Super Bowl Ads For Online Spends by Frank Watson
Ford Motor Company will not be advertising during the next Super Bowl and are using that money to increase their spend in online marketing, Reuters reported today.

AdWords Product Listing Ads Now Available For All U.S. Advertisers by Danny Goodwin
Within the week, all U.S. advertisers will be able to use Google Product Listing Ads, Google announced yesterday. Product Ads feature product images, price, and merchant names in shopping related searches.

A New Look for Google AdSense by Danny Goodwin
Google overhauled its AdSense interface for all of its 2 million publishers yesterday. If you can’t see it yet, keep your eye out over the next few weeks for a “Try the new AdSense interface” link in the upper corner of your account.

SEM Basics

Analytics & ROI

3 Ways to Analyze Your Competition by Garry Przyklenk
Competitive intelligence is a highly underestimated aspect of web analytics reporting. Without it, your company’s stakeholders won’t know whether trends reported are good, bad, or really bad.

Connecting Rings and Bricks to Clicks (Connecting Online to Offline) by Adam Goldberg
Want to increase the value of your advertising today? Implement a system that ties your online ad spend to your offline conversions using these simple techniques.

Keep the Holiday Gifts in Their Carts With Remarketing by Dan Yomtobian
Want a huge lift in ad response for the holidays? A remarketing campaign can help you combat rising cart abandonment rates.

Social Media Marketing

Social Syncing: Cross Platform Marketing by Kaila Strong
Cross promotion on social networking sites doesn’t have to be difficult. Develop a plan, leverage your audience, use tools, don’t be afraid to switch it up, and always track your results!

Social CRM: Mainstream Practices vs. Essential Requirements by Jacob Morgan
In social customer relationship management, you have to learn to crawl before your walk. So check out these social CRM fundamentals and start walking already!

Rutgers Mini MBA Program Offers Accelerated Social Media Marketing Course By Greg Jarboe
The Rutgers Mini MBA Program is offering an accelerated Social Media Marketing Course from December 6 through 10, 2010, on the Piscataway campus.

Public Outcry Gets Amazon To Remove Pedophile Guide From Inventory by Frank Watson
People were outraged with Amazon and used social media to tell them that their sale of the ebook “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” and their defense of doing so would lose them customers.

Link Building

Local & Mobile Search

Claim Your Twitter Place – Coming Soon for Businesses? by Danny Goodwin
Businesses may soon be able to claim their location on Twitter Places. If (or when) the service goes live, it will provide a permanent URL for specific locations, along with a list of people who have recently tweeted from that location and their tweets, Mashable reported.”

Google Mobile Updates: News Redesign; Windows 7 Search App by Danny Goodwin
Google has announced updates to Google News for Android, iPhone, and Palm Pre. Also, it’s search application debuted yesterday on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Android Gingerbread Arriving This Week? by Jonathan Allen
This week Google could be releasing Gingerbread, the lastest version of it’s Android mobile operating system software, following a tweet from Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez, a member of the leadership team at the Open Handset Alliance concerned with Android.

SMB Search Marketing

International Search

Choosing a Naming Convention for Global Search Marketing by Michael Bonfils
The pros and cons of ccTLDs, subdomains, subdirectories, IDNs, and RegionalTLDs in international search.

Google Maps Excuse For Central American Invasion by Frank Watson
Nicaragua crossed in to Costa Rican territory claiming it as part of their country and cited Google Maps as the arbitrator of their borders, despite the San Juan River being the recognized border.

Google Protest in China: Dropped Ad Resellers Go On Hunger Strike by Danny Goodwin
A group of Google AdWords resellers who saw their contracts terminated a couple months ago are protesting at Google’s Shanghai offices. They want an apology and the equivalent of $7 million (U.S.) in compensation.

The Search Industry

What Role Should the Government Play in Our (Searching) Lives? by Eli Goodman
An analysis of three years of queries reveals that search plays an important role in providing citizens with government-related information they need for their most pressing areas of need and assistance, in good times and bad.

Google News

Google Unveils Instant Previews: Visual Search Results by Danny Goodwin
Google announced a new feature called Instant Previews that allows searchers to fully preview a website within Google’s search results before visiting it (an experiment we reported last month).

FCC Targets Google Over Wi-Fi Data Collection by Danny Goodwin
Google escaped an FTC investigation without incurring any penalties, but now they face a new investigation from the Federal Communications Commission over data they collected off unencrypted wireless networks with their Street View cars.

Googlers Get 10% Raise, $1,000 Bonus by Danny Goodwin
All Google employees will get a $1,000 holiday bonus and a 10 percent raise in 2011, according to a company-wide e-mail from CEO Eric Schmidt

Google Fires Leaker Of Payrise Info by Frank Watson
Google fired the employee who leaked the confidential internal memo about the company’s pay raises.

Google Boosts Salaries of Execs by 30% by Danny Goodwin
A regulatory filing today reveals that several top executives at Google are getting 30 percent hikes.

Google Partners With NHL, Adds Real-Time Scores to Search Results by Danny Goodwin
Google has begun partnering with to add real-time game scores to its search results. Using results from the NHL’s site, you can more easily find snippets featuring links to live scores, live streams, standings, previews, game recaps, video highlights, and a link to buy tickets.

D’oh! the Latest to Block Content From Google TV by Danny Goodwin
First Hulu. Then NBC, CBS, and ABC. Now Fox has joined in the effort to block content from Google TV devices.

Google Chrome Giving Free Inflight WiFi Becoming Holiday Tradition by Frank Watson
Google Chrome announced it will be giving holiday travelers the gift of free inflight WiFi again this year.

Google’s Next Big Change: Infinite Scrolling Search Results? by Danny Goodwin
In response to speculation around infinite scrolling Google VP Marissa Mayer states why Google doesn’t offer infinite scrolling. Basically, she says that a small amount of results is much better than 3 million results.

Yahoo News

Yahoo Continues Circling the Drain: Big Layoffs Likely by Danny Goodwin
Yahoo is expected to announce significant layoffs next month, with reports ranging from 10 and 20 percent, or anywhere from 650 to 2,500 employees.

Bing News

Ask News

Ask Joins Jeeves In Retirement, Leaves Search Space by Frank Watson
It went from to and now IAC has folded its search engine and will use either Google or Bing to provide their searches, while concentrating on the question and answer service they returned to in July.

Blekko News

Don’t Know What to Make of Blekko? Overview & 2 SEO Ninja Tactics by Jonathan Allen
Blekko may be little more than a week old, but in order for it to achieve its aim to be the third voice in search, it is going to have to deliver a pretty sweet search experience to differentiate itself in the market. It need only look to Bing, Yahoo, and Ask to gauge the challenge ahead.

No Joke? Blekko is 63rd Largest Pure Search Entity in the World by Jonathan Allen
Previously in beta, Blekko opened it’s doors to the rabble of the web last week. Now Blekko have said that they are handling 1 million searches per day. The site has also seen a 10x growth in use of it’s most distinctive function – slashtags.

Online Video News

YouTube Trials Smarter Video Search with Topics by Danny Goodwin
YouTube last night launched a new search feature on TestTube called Topics on Search. The new feature brings up related searches, which are retrieved via an algorithm that looks at video tags, comments, shares, viewing patters, and other signals.

Turn Your Android Phone into a YouTube Remote for any Web TV by Jonathan Allen
YouTube has just released a new app in the Android Marketplace called YouTube Remote. It pairs with, a web TV friendly interface, so you can use your phone to control what you are watching.

Over 35 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute to YouTube by Greg Jarboe
The amount of video uploaded to YouTube has increased to 35 hours per minute.

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