Google To Enter Fashion Space

Google is expected to launch in to the fashion business tomorrow at their High Tech Fuses With High Fashion event in New York. Fashion bloggers have been discussing this and the impact it may have on stores currently selling fashion.

Google has bought and already has been testing – their comparison engine.

As “Frockwriter” Patty Huntington notes in her blog, “Our sources say that the new Google fashion initiative is called and boasts not only online boutiques selling merchandise offered by various designers and retailers, but a large number of curated “boutiques” selling the looks worn by celebrities and other influencers.”

“Google’s been revamping its shopping product since earlier this year, purchasing in August, a comparison service that allows users to search by color, style and more traits. Other recently added features include local availability, user ratings and product reviews,” MSNBC reported.

“ gets Google into the highend fashion shopping game – seven months after rival eBay launched its own fashion microsite. One facet of the latter is Fashion Voice, which includes recommendations from six US stylists: Annabel Tollman, Britt Bardo, Estee Stanley, Karen Bard, Kate Young and former Sex and the City stylist Rebecca Weinberg,” Huntington stated.

Update 11/17: Lisa Lacy at ClickZ provides more coverage in “Google Launches Guided Approach to Fashion Shopping.” And here’s Google’s official announcement.

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