After 2 Years Yahoo CEO Bartz Thinks She Gets It

Speaking at Web 2.0 Summit, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said after two years she gets it. She now understands what Yahoo is about and she summarizes it into four words. “Content, Communications, Media and Innovation.”

“I think Yahoo has always stood for those words,” Ms. Bartz said. “It went off track a bit when people thought it was a search company.” She solved that problem. Yahoo recently handed over its search business to Microsoft, although Yahoo still oversees the design of the search results page – the New York Times reported. My question is was she referring to the people working at Yahoo?

Interestingly, Bartz went on to say she thought its was only the people in San Francisco and New York who questioned what Yahoo stood for and showed intense interest in the company. Are the company’s shareholders only in those two cities?

“When you get 30 miles outside Silicon Valley and 60 miles out of New York, everyone knows what Yahoo stands for,” she said. “They don’t ask these trick questions,” she stated in response to questions about Yahoo lacking an identity.

“Yahoo has stood for a lot in the Internet,” Bartz said, the New York Times quoted. “It has stood for fun, it has stood for relevance. It has stood for context around information. Has it had some tough years, sure? I think companies can be tested, and companies pick themselves up when they’ve had some challenges, and that’s what Yahoo is doing.”

Now that Yahoo has given the search engine results work to Microsoft, will Yahoo get back to their roots?

“Asked about Google recently giving 10 percent raises to its employees, she responded that Yahoo’s workers would get a 15 percent raise. She then followed up with the punch line: “Not really,” much to the disappointment of Yahoo employees across the globe,” the New York Times noted.

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