Google Boost Ads Available in More Cities

Google’s beta test of Boost, the AdWords program that auto-generates search ads to appear in Google’s “Ads” section and Google Maps search results pages, is expanding to more U.S. cities.

Within the next week, San Jose, Seattle, Wichita, Charlottesville (Virginia), Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Orlando, Washington D.C., Boston, Cross Plains (Texas) and Portland (Maine), as well as all local businesses in Illinois should see an invite to the system through their Google Places account. It was initially only available in San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago.


Boost automatically generates an ad campaign for you and figures out the relevant keywords that will trigger your ad based on the information provided on your Place page. Google provides a suggested ad description, a web or Place page, your business categories, and a monthly budget.

In addition to the basics — company name, address, phone number, and website — Google Boost ads could also include the number of reviews your business has received, an average star rating, and a link to your Google Places page. Also, when a map appears in the results, a blue pin will help your business stand out from the other red pins.

Have you tried out Boost yet? Any thoughts?

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