Google Introduces Credit Tags For News Listings

The Google News blog introduced credit tags this week for attributing sources for news stories. “Credit where credit is due” is the appropriate title and involves site owners including the tags to show Google the source of their stories.

One wonders how long before Yoast will develop a WordPress plugin to help add the tags. Right now it may be difficult for people using blogging software to produce their site to add these tags.

There are two new tags to use, syndication-source and original-source.

Syndication-source is for indicating which copy of a story that has slightly different versions or is duplicated listed that Google should use, very much like a canonical tag.

Original-source is for citing where writers found the information in their article. Google “encourage(s) publishers to use this metatag to give credit to the source that broke the story. We recognize that this can sometimes be tough to determine. But the intent of this tag is to reward hard work and journalistic enterprise.”

“In both cases, it’s perfectly valid for a metatag to point to the current page URL. It’s also fine for there to be multiple original-source metatags on one page, to indicate a variety of original reporting leading up to the current article. If you’re not sure of the exact URL to provide in either case, just use the domain of the site that should be credited,” Google noted.

The results of using the tags may not be evident immediately as the post said it would need time to see them in ‘the wild’ to work out how to properly use them.


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