Coming Soon: Skippable YouTube TrueView Ads

YouTube is set to premiere a new kind of advertising called TrueView, which lets users either choose between three different ads, or skip them completely.

YouTube.JPG“Some advertisers had initial gut reaction of, ‘Wait, you’re gonna let users skip my ad?'” Phil Farhi, a Google senior product manager, told Advertising Age. “But the thing that tips them over from that gut reaction is you’re not paying for those skipped ads, and it’s a system that allows you to reach that opted-in engaged audience at scale.”

Shorter videos will get a TrueView in-stream ad, which can be skipped. On longer videos, users will have the choice of watching a video with ad breaks, or ad-free after watching one of three video ads. Those who choose long-form video with ad breaks may or may not get skippable ads.

Initially, advertisers with a managed account at Google (marketers with dedicated channels) will have access, but eventually it will open up to all if proves successful.

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