Yahoo Search 2010 Year in Review: BP, World Cup, Miley Cyrus

Thumbnail image for Yahoo Y logo.JPGThough the majority of Yahoo’s top searches were for entertainment and celebrities, the BP oil spill was the top search for 2010. Just as it topped AOL’s news search category, the Gulf disaster dominated online searches on Yahoo.

Top Searches on Yahoo in 2010

  1. BP oil spill
  2. World Cup
  3. Miley Cyrus
  4. Kim Kardashian
  5. Lady Gaga
  6. iPhone
  7. Megan Fox
  8. Justin Bieber
  9. American Idol
  10. Britney Spears

Top Mobile Searches

While the top 10 lists for PC and mobile shared five of the same searches (though in different order), Yahoo noted that consumers wanted “quick, bite-size information on the most popular news of the day” from their mobile searches (e.g., NFL scores, latest celebrity news, lyrics).

  1. NFL
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Rihanna
  4. Sandra Bullock
  5. NBA
  6. World Cup
  7. Justin Bieber
  8. American Idol
  9. Winter Olympics
  10. BP oil spill

10 Obsessions

Yahoo added a new list of things people couldn’t get enough of this year, from the iPhone and iPad to Facebook:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. Lindsay Lohan
  3. iPad
  4. Glee
  5. Jersey Shore
  6. Facebook
  7. Bedbugs
  8. Tea Party
  9. Silly Bandz
  10. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (series)

Top Searched Questions

Much like, Yahoo tries to provide answers to users’ biggest questions, from the art of how to tie a tie to oddball questions about immortal animals, here’s what Yahoo users want to know:

  1. How to tie a tie
  2. How to lose weight
  3. How to kiss
  4. How to write a resume
  5. What’s the world’s only immortal animal
  6. Which city has the best tap water
  7. Which natural disaster shortened earth’s days
  8. What is love
  9. What causes lightning
  10. How to boil an egg

Around the Globe

What are people in other countries searching for? Wonder no more, as Yahoo put together a year in review for the U.K., Brazil, Taiwan, and Germany.

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