Flaw In Google Instant May Impact Your Adwords Spends

One addition to the new Google interface may be causing Adwords advertisers unwanted increased spends, when people double click on the entry they are sent to a PPC ad if there is one occupying the top spot over the organic listings.

If anyone double clicks when instant is running the top ad automatically loads costing the advertiser the price of that ad – this page load may not be what the searcher wants and bounce rates must be increasing for all top position advertisers.

I am surprised there has not been a general increase in CTR for top positions and all others are scurrying to now why their ads are not converting or getting the usual traffic. Could the recent Quality Score problems be related to this effect?

There have been a large number of people asking how to turn the blue arrow off in Google Help Forums. Best answer is “Go to Google search settings, in Google preferences go to Google instant aind select – Do not use Google instant. This should take care of that annoying arrow.”

But to stop this impacting advertisers everyone needs to turn it off – or in other words Google needs to correct this.

I have written to one of my ad reps to see what can be done and will keep people posted. Something tells me there will be credits involved or Google is already down playing this in the counts – but then how do you know?

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