Google Launches New Site, Tool For Global Marketing

Google unveiled two new products to help businesses expand to international markets, the Official Google Blog posted. The site, Google Ads For Global Advertisers, “will serve as a central hub for Google’s tools and tips for businesses looking to expand to foreign markets”, while the tool. Global Market Finder, “helps businesses identify markets with high demand for their products or services.”

The Global Market Finder is in essence a keyword translation tool that shows volume of searches for products in 56 languages and 100 countries. You can filter by global markets – sort of like the country bundles option in Adwords. Though, as the site notes, there are differences between the two:

* automatically translates your keywords and, if applicable, shows alternative translations
* calculates each location’s Opportunity Score based on broad-based matches of translated keywords
* organizes market opportunities by location

The markets are given Opportunity Scores. “Opportunity Score is a dynamic metric based on local monthly search volume, suggested bid, and competition between different locations in your target market. If two locations have the same search volume, then the location with the lower suggested bid receives a higher Opportunity Score. Similarly, if two locations have the same suggested bid, then the location with the higher search volume gets a higher Opportunity Score.”

The new site “will serve as a central hub for Google’s tools and tips for businesses looking to expand to foreign markets. This website pulls together resources for businesses to find the right market for their products and services, translate their websites and ad text, find new customers with relevant online ads, and understand options for international payment, shipping and customer service.”

As the blog post concludes, “there are more than 1.9 billion consumers online. Wouldn’t you like to add some of them as customers??

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